Foods I love

Foods I love

Saturday, 7 January 2012

End of week update

So heres our weekly food menu ahead

Quorn southern fried chicken burgers, with a slice of tiger bread and pasta salad
Turkey curry with a sharwoods curry sauce, weight watchers naan bread and vegetables.
Eat smart sausage casserole
Low fat grilled breakfast with scrambled egg and wholemeal toast
Vegetable lasagne, with cottage cheese instead of white sauce.
Spanish omelette.
Thursday will be something we have left over.

For all this week i have had weetabix and all bran for breakfast, a few days crumpets for lunch,

Wednesday i made a low fat beef stew with rice and a weight watchers pudding. Thursday i made a cold chilli cooked trout with tortellini, and friday was the quorn chicken burgers.

Now as ive been shopping and bought alot more snacks, im going to try and do 4 things for this month. Only 4-6 slices of bread a week, no potatoes, no choclate and try to have as little fizzy juice as possible and swap it with fruit juice or cordial.

My target for the month is to lose half a stone. which in my first month will be a good achievement and a platform for the rest of the year ahead. I know there may be tougher and harder times ahead, as the less weight i have, the harder it will be to go.

I beilive dieting and losing weight is a way of life, especially when it hasnt been part of your life for, probably all your life, as im making the biggest changes ever. I dont work the perfect job for dieting, as im a cook in a kitchen filled with food and constantly making things and the temptation is there every single day. The other tough thing is the hours, as i dont get the normal breaks a 9-5 worker will get, i dont have regular breakfast times, and my afternoon break is it at 3 and i dont get home till 8. So ive got to find someway of making dieting with the hours i work, work for me and work right.

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