Foods I love

Foods I love

Saturday, 7 January 2012

End of week update

So heres our weekly food menu ahead

Quorn southern fried chicken burgers, with a slice of tiger bread and pasta salad
Turkey curry with a sharwoods curry sauce, weight watchers naan bread and vegetables.
Eat smart sausage casserole
Low fat grilled breakfast with scrambled egg and wholemeal toast
Vegetable lasagne, with cottage cheese instead of white sauce.
Spanish omelette.
Thursday will be something we have left over.

For all this week i have had weetabix and all bran for breakfast, a few days crumpets for lunch,

Wednesday i made a low fat beef stew with rice and a weight watchers pudding. Thursday i made a cold chilli cooked trout with tortellini, and friday was the quorn chicken burgers.

Now as ive been shopping and bought alot more snacks, im going to try and do 4 things for this month. Only 4-6 slices of bread a week, no potatoes, no choclate and try to have as little fizzy juice as possible and swap it with fruit juice or cordial.

My target for the month is to lose half a stone. which in my first month will be a good achievement and a platform for the rest of the year ahead. I know there may be tougher and harder times ahead, as the less weight i have, the harder it will be to go.

I beilive dieting and losing weight is a way of life, especially when it hasnt been part of your life for, probably all your life, as im making the biggest changes ever. I dont work the perfect job for dieting, as im a cook in a kitchen filled with food and constantly making things and the temptation is there every single day. The other tough thing is the hours, as i dont get the normal breaks a 9-5 worker will get, i dont have regular breakfast times, and my afternoon break is it at 3 and i dont get home till 8. So ive got to find someway of making dieting with the hours i work, work for me and work right.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Mid Weekly Update, Food Shopping heaven trip.

Well, this week has been tough, challenging but upto now, i can keep this up and liking the new diet. Each morning ive been having weetabix and all bran, with a small lunch and dinner, all within my points, and having a few snacks inbetween as well.

Im going to try and do the 40pro points diet with weight watchers, which means i have 40 point limit to eat each day. I have gone over once, which was the first day by 5 points, which was 5 jaffa cakes! Since then i have always finished level or under my point balance.

Points can also be converted to calories, which my diet would be a 1600calorie a day diet, for a man they reccomend between 2000-2500 calories a day. So by cutting down the calories, im eating less than i am needed, but still eating a good balanced diet as well. Eating 3 meals, having snacks and also drinking more water as well.

I went into the gym on wednesday, and it kinda killed me thursday. I was working a 12hour shift thursday so didnt go in. and was planning to go in on friday after work, but i was so hungry, i opted against it, as you cant exercise on a empty stomach. So i went shopping instead.

Our weekly food shop, is usually one of mine and janettes favourite expierences of the week. Usually janette picking up lots of bad unhealthy stuff, and followed up by the word "NO!!!" from me, bit like a mum telling off there kids in the toy shops when they want something which they cant have! One time, Janette put a bag of minstrels in the trolley, when she wasnt looking, i chucked them back out at the checkout whilst emptying the trolley. She is kinda determinded to find fat free but full of flavoured choclate and sweets, but unfortunatly some bright spark just hasnt invented it yet.

But this week, i went shopping to morrisons on my own, with my list in pocket and my emtpy stomach in full flow, i then proceeded to pack the trolley full to the top with, nearly everything healthy!!!! Except the jaffa cakes and quavers, which are one of the snacks which are low in fat/calories/pro points etc. Lots of lots of offers on at morrisons, so any UK readers get yourself down there

Big box kellogs bran flakes £1,
chinese sauces 80p, the sharwoods ones are pretty low fat as well,Also blue dragon have alot on offer.
clementines 50p a bag,
weight watchers meals £1.23, the ones in the fridge section, lots and lots of new ones on special offer, tikka masala, thai red curry etc.
Weight watchers puddings £1.
Morrisons have there own low fat lemon mousses which are full of flavour and not many calories.
Jaffa cake dark choclate or 100gram free for £1.20.
Quorn chicken nuggets £1 a bag from the frozen aisle.
Good quality chopped tin tomatoes 60p each, then some which are £1 a can! Weight watchers cake bars £1 a box (lemon, blueberry and belgian choc brownie)
Tilda Rice half price! I i love the jasmaine rice as its more flavour and a bit stickyer
Crumpets buy one get on free.
Morrisons didnt even have any cous cous as that was on special offer. So any dieters and waist watchers among us, then get yourself down to morrisons this week.

I will post tommorow, my weekly food diary and the meals i have planned for the next week as well.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, New start, New goals

Well its been a long ol year. I started off badly, then did brilliantly on my diet, and then when i moved outta home it didnt go as well, then let myself down a little come end of the year as expected.

So this year has to be the biggest of my life!

My girlfriend is doing weight watchers, and im going to do the diet part with her, well the points. Im giving myself a maximum of 45pro points (pp) a day and trying not to include the extra 45 a week you are allowed. My starting weight on the scales is 16st13lb, and im going to weight myself monthly.

My first day meal plan:
Scrambled eggs on toast, crumpets and a turkey noodle stir fry.

2 Scrambled Eggs 4pp
2 toast with butter 5pp
1 Coffee 1pp
Milk 1pp
2 Crumpets with butter 12pp
Noodles 7pp
Turkey 5pp
Pate+Toast 2pp
Jaffa Cakes 4pp

PP total= 41

I had eat smart pate and eat smart melba toasts after my dinner as a snack.

My second day meal plan:
Weetabix and allbran with crumpets, spicy chicken tortelinni, WW chickey Curry and rice.

Weetabix 6pp
Allbran 2pp
Milk 4pp
Jaffa Cakes 4pp
WW chicken curry 8pp
Tortelinni 8pp
WW pudding 4pp

PP total= 36

I will try and update the blog and diet every few days, if not daily. I am also going to try make food as well. I really dont wanna eat alot of ready meals, but may have a few in a week as i go along. I am going to try snack a little more and eat more fruit and also eat the foods which are free as well. Try and have 3 meals a day, and my main aim is to go to the gym alot more, 3 times a week is easy for me, as i have a gym at work, do more cardio work, running, walker, bike and progress how i am doing and hopefully, run more etc as i get fitter and healthier.

So i am going to forget everything i have done bad over december and write down plans for 2012 and my goals and aims.

Weigh 14stone or less by the end of 2012
Be able to drive and have a car
Go on holiday
Still be living out of home
Live a good healthy lifestyle
Blog more!
Do a stable but strict diet
Have different months were i give up potatoes, bread, chocolate.
Dont have more than 1 fastfood/takeaway meal a month

I have my first diary ever, and im keeping it to track savings and more importantly a food diary and it will be filled in every day as well.

I think if your dieting, its important to keep track of were you are and what you have been doing, as if and when you get on them scales, you will know what your doing right or wrong, and if what you are eating is working for you and if it isnt, where to change. I think its important as it gives u structure and routine and when you have hit your points for the day, its time to stop and give up eating or just eat your free zero point foods.

Heres to 2012 and the delights it will bring us all!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Hi guys, sorry not been as active as id like, alot of work happening and not been in the writing mood really. I know its a bit lazy of me, but you do have to be in the right frame of mind and mood to get alot of detailed thoughts down without ranting. We all do love a rant, but i want to try keep this as a dieting food blog than a bitch about life.

So anyway. What have i been eating? Well generally anything at the minute, but im not being stupid about it, still have my steady meals everyday and the odd snack and treat along the way. No having multiple takeaways and convienece food in a day etc,

When i was at lincoln, me and janette enjoyed our food and eating in and out. The breakfasts are to die for! We did go to an all you can eat chinese buffet in lincoln as we was absolutly starving! Plus it could be one of the lasts times we visit lincoln, although we have booked twice to go next year, but wont be many single trips there again. Lincoln does hold a piece of my heart, and i would actually live there. But for now, im very happy in sheffield.

Not really had anything kinda new and healthy, although tonight im having some sorta spiced salmon salad. I got a salmon joint from morrisons, was £7.05, down to £2.55 and that went straight into the freezer, il take that anyday of the week!

At work i made a sweet potatoe and lentil soup which was really nice, warm and wintery. It had a curry and coriander spice mix in the bottom of the pan so it toasts a little, add oil, then sweet potatoe and onion, cook for 10mins, then add stock and lentils and make sure theres some stock spare, as the lentils soak up alot of the stock, and leave on a low boil for an hour, blend and eat! Deilicious.

Closer to new year, i will do my yearly targets on the diet front and expectations of myself.

I have a night out on thursday and then 2 more next week, so realistically, if i dont put any weight on till new year, il be happy and ill do a core weight new years day, and we will go from there.

Till next time.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Week Ahead

Im back for a mini update. Cant really say ive been good or bad on my diet, ive had a treat, but not to many. Not made anthing major either, not had the time, as had janettes family up the last 2 days, and just ate here and there. Ive had a bit to much bread thats for sure. Still having my cereal every morning, and i really do enjoy having them! I put on a t-shirt i bought 6 weeks ago, on monday which was pretty tite around the belly and made me look pretty fat, and to my amazement, it fits pretty dam good now! Also with some birthday money i bought some 38" waist jeans! May 2008 i had to buy some 46" waist jeans, So 3 years and a 8" waist difference. Im kinda hoping by the end of 2012 il be around a 34-36" waist. Il settle to fitting in a 36" waist jeans, as then i can shop anywhere, and my leg measurement is the average so will never have any problems shopping anywhere for clothes again.

The next few days im going to lincoln for a xmas trip away, and to take in there xmas market. The B&B im staying in is called the creston villa. It is the best B&B ive stayed in, and won awards for being good and reccomendations from a MP from london. So any readers want to take a break to lincoln, you will not be dissapointed with creston villa at all. There breakfast's are beautiful, full english with lots of different choices and served at the time you want. What makes this place so special, is the amazing host's and service. Would do anything for anyone and nothing is to much for them at all.

On saturday its my works xmas doo night out, which is a 3 course meal and drinks, so urgh, no diet day then, and then im working something like the next 10-11 days straight, so il be back on my diet then and being good with myself, till probably around 23rd december time and im off for 4 days over new year.

Around new year, im going to do my yearly targets and stuff i am going to try to achieve for the coming year, wether it is personal, dieting, targets in life,

Will i be celebrating the new year? Of course i will, its been probably one of the best years of my life to be honest, and il be hoping for more of the same for 2012.

Its been a good blog so far, so no rant from me anyway. Ive enjoyed blogging so far, and sometimes its just good to get out the things which are in your head out to the world and spread a little of that somthing which is in there. Id like to say im a positive person, and try and see the best in people, scenario's etc, and my main saying in life is, "you make your own luck in this world" "somethings in life we cant change and out of your control, but you can make your choices and changes"

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Food update!

Since the last time, i havnt done so well on the ol diet. Ive half stick to it, but after going to pub on monday and needing some hangover food, it was my first bacon sandwich for a couple of months really. Really do love cooked breakfasts, bacon, sausage etc That nite, i was going to just have some cereal, but had a sausage sandwich instead. So bad on the bread, but sausage was grilled, so not all to bad. Today, i cooked one of my most favourite chinese dishes, Salt and pepper squid! Fresh squid from morrisons and some salt and pepper seasoning, few crumbs on it, and you can grill or oven the squid, and perfect! The problem with squid, is, you can under cook it or over cook it, as it becomes rubbery and chewy. Very hot oven and quickly cook the crumb and the squid and it was done! Anyone on diets, eating fish and shellfish is a total must! Its filling and tasty and every bit of it is good for you. I know some people dont like the smell and feel of it, as its "slimey". Get your fishmonger to prepare it for you, then all you need to do, i put it on a baking sheet or dish to cook. Keep it wrapped it fridge so the "fishy" smell doesnt get everywhere. End of the day, if you cook alot of home food etc, after preparing fish are handling it, just like raw meat, good soapy wash and hot water, and no smell stays.

On friday im off to Doncaster, and it has the best fish and meat market ever! Il be stocking up on the fish and shellfish and freezing them when i get back in. I always get some crab meat, and hoping to get some hole crabs and make myself alot of crab cakes and freeze them.

Tommorow im a year older, and my girlfriend is cooking me a tasty breakfast, and off to damons for tea time. Damons has the best ribs in the UK! So im looking forward to that. Friday il be back on the cereal and them every breakfast itl be cereal until next wednesday as im off to lincoln for a few days to take in the xmas spirit and go to there xmas market. I went last year to lincoln at the same time, but, the snow hit and it got cancelled, so heres hoping the snow stays off for a few days them at least.

I know its going to be hard to stay strict on any diet during these times, but during december, if i dont put any weight back on, il be chuffed, as come January 1st, itl be a new blank canvas (ive about 105 previously started canvase's, but lets not go there) But to me 2012, is going to be 1 of the most important years of my life. I will write near new year about my goals and plans, and lets see how they are in a years time. What ive found out and tell my girlfriend alot, is that time never changes speed, but things do take time to happen. Dieting is a long drawn out thing and we all expect instant results, and they dont come. It should be mini short term goals, with a long term goal in a years time. 2012, i want to lose about 2 stone and be alot more fitter and healthier and keep on eating and making fresh good food. Ok i will do more detailed plans for 2012, but thats just 1 of the things id like to achieve.

I do think about alot of things, some just random stuff, 1 of them is listening to women (not much of a hobbie or weird fetish, but the fact that i work with alot of women and most of my girlfriends friends, family are women and she buys alot of woman mags) and do u know what, im glad im a man. The price it costs to be a modern day woman is ridiculous. All the grooming products i buy is, razor blades, shaving foam, deodrant, hair gel, aftershave, toothpaste, shower gel and that is about it. I always get a few shower gels at xmas, and they usually last me the hole year! Not that i dont shower, but 10 shower gels go along way. So my annual grooming product bill for the year, is about £200 max. £2 approx a week, il live with that. Now a womans bill must be a minumum of a £1000 easy! Oh yes, i also get free hair cuts. Someone who i work with railed off what she needs per day/week/month so she can look the way she is. Which got me thinking, y do women go to very long lenths, just so they can look like something they are clearly not. I know sometimes, some things a woman cant help, same as a man, but a man is not as self consious of how they look (well most anyway). I could name 10 different women aged between 20-30 who i know and about 5/6 of them dont have there natural hair colour they was born with. So why do woman buy all these products, do all these cosmetic things and spends hundreds and thousand on them selfs? Well you could say there all sellfish.... But i do beilive, magazines, newspapers, celebrities, being socailly excepted and now just keeping up with modern trends is a main reason why. Programs like TOWIE do not help, as about 90% of the woman on there have boob jobs and probably 100% of the under 35 woman have had some sort of cosmetic surgery. All i can say is, im glad im a man and my £2 grooming allowance a week does me well to be where i am!

Thats all for now folks.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Price of life.

Mini rant about life again.

So whats on my mind this time..... The price of life. Im not complaining, as they money i pay towards my life, is all kinda worth it at the moment. Im leading a pretty dam good life, to how it could be. Im now approaching my birthday soon, when your younger, you cant wait to get older and do other stuff, like go watch a 12,15,18 film legally. Buy a pint legally, gamble legally. When i say "legally" i mean, that most of these things i did before i needed to be that age. But now, i just wanna get younger again. I still look young, and feel young at times, but after working alot of days and hours, all i wanna do is rest and wack feet up on seatee and watch tv or some dvds and fall asleep like an old man. I would be very happy if i didnt have to go into a nightclub again. Ive been there, done that, and to be honest, clubbing has never changed since ive been doing it, and really, its aload of pants!, not just any old pants, but expensive pants!!

So the price of life.... Me and my partner live with each other, and split all the bills down the middle. If i was to live alone where we are, id have to pay out more money than i actually earn (circa £850-925 a month), and what ive found out for the first time in my life, is that christmas is so dam expensive. As well as the normal stuff. Ive got 3-4 different nights out and between £300-400 in presents, perhaps just over £400. Then there is new years eve and that holiday time as i usually go away for a few days. I bought my first present in October, and bought quite a few in the beginning of November, some will be in December and perhaps the last few day befores xmas day! 1 plus side, is im at my mums for xmas day, so no extra food will be needed like many households.

Rent £400
Bills £70
Food £200
Council Tax £100

Im also having driving lessons at the moment, but by time i do pass, il probably have to pay about £100 a month for the car if i get something on finance (fuel, insurance, finance payments etc) I also dont have sky/broadband or a phone line in at the minute, but do pay approx 25-30 for payg dongle top ups. Max a month, if i do get a car and get the essentials with a decent food shop, then i would payout about £1000 a month! I do not have any debts at all, which is a good thing, as i dont have any extras to pay out a month on top of it all. The price of life is going up and up, and the minumum wage isnt staying at the same pace. Is there any reason why this country is going belly up! Obviously there is alot more other factors to that, but that is just 1, as we must spend more than what we earn just to get by in life, and theres zero chance of getting any mortgage on a house or save up for a deposit, unless you earn a minumum off £500 a week, or 3-5k per household income a month.

At somepoint id like a holiday next year, as ive been with my partner now 19months, and not had a holiday abroad. We have tried 3 times, 1 got cancelled by the airline due to the trouble in tunisia early this year, the other 2 times we was going to go, we both got offered jobs to start near them dates. So next summer will be that time.

I am kinda glad i dont have kids yet, i would like them, some point in my life. But for the price condoms are, il gladly wear them to what a child costs a month and potentially a lifetime! But in all seriousness, i wanna be finacially sound before having kids, as you want to give them a good life and a good start in life, they say love doesnt cost anything, but unfortunatly nappies and food does! After reading the sun paper daily, a recent survey of couples find out that, having kids, then a house came before getting married, due to the cost. A house was 1 of the main things, as it goes towards your own future, and naturally somewhere to live your life. But a wedding was a real luxury if you could afford to do it. Obviously you can do a wedding on a budget, but alot, wanna big luxury wedding, as its going to be a one off.

Apart from winning the lotto, which is about a 14million to 1 shot. Im really not sure about where or what or how im gonna achieve something in life. But what ever it is, im gonna die trying to get there in the end. I do have plans in my head, with a future in catering or starting my own thing. But its abit late to start again to go to college or university and do something else.

Till next time.